aerial view of VT country store Johnson VT

[jangly bell] Own a Country Store!

Ever thought of owning a VT country store? Ok. According to the Small Business Development Center of Duquesne University in Pennsylvania, 1 in every 18 people on the planet own a business. Oh, it’s happening.

Owning your own store starts with….everything.

Here are the top 8 reasons for owning a VT country store.

  1. You decide the practices, goals, work schedule, routines, coffee bar hours, decor – everything. You decide.
  2. Schedule your time around who and what inspires you. Family time. Soccer schedules. Fresh powder on the mountain.
  3. During COVID-19 shutdown, VT country stores were an essential service, and allowed to stay open.  
  4. In Vermont, no one expects you to stay open 24/7. Folks are used to most stores closing early on weekends and in the winter. They just plan accordingly.
  5. Buying an established store also includes a hard-earned customer base and revenue streams that already work in that location.
  6. A country store offers multiple revenue streams that help insulate your business from consumer spending drops that a specialty store might endure.
  7. A VT country store is a rural store. It’s unlikely you will compete with big box stores and chain restaurants. Or even billboards for another one just down the road.
  8. People will always need gas, milk, ice and one more 12-pack for the cooler heading up to camp. Vermont has a well-supported year-round recreation vibe that attracts 13 million (last count) visitors a year. For a small state, that’s big.

Want to hear more? We just happen to have a country store listing right now. [Link]. Call, email or text us! 802-635-7766  – [email protected] or mobile 802-585-0600.

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