Image of John Deere tractor

Does the tractor come with the property?  > If we had a nickel for every time a buyer asked this question about a John Deere or Kubota parked on a property that we were showing…we’d have a lot of nickels. And, we show almost all our listings every time, as Assisted Showings.

Buyers are in your home, picturing themselves living there. Don’t show them something that won’t be there.

A tractor is a personal item. Not included in the sale. But, Buyers still may be hoping that the tractor is an unexpected included bonus of the asking price. Even if they read the listing information. They forgot. For Sellers, the tractor sale can be a negotiating tool, and a handy way to avoid moving it at all. But, it may be not for sale at any price. After all, that new driveway is not going to plow itself.

For excluded personal items smaller than a tractor, we suggest that Sellers put them out of sight. Both for safety and to avoid disappointment. This naturally includes coin collections and guns.

Fixtures are understood to be included in the listing price.

A fixture is something that is permanently attached/wired to the home, like a hanging light over the kitchen table.  So, if you are taking that antique family chandelier with you; replace it before any showings or pictures are taken. Be proactive and your Buyer’s final walk-through will be smooth and glitch-free.

For more information on selling your house for an efficient and smooth sale, read [this], and [our FAQ].

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