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Are there good places to Snowmobile in the area?

There are plenty of snowmobile trails in Northern Vermont — check out this site.

I am moving to VT, what are my health care choices?

Chck information on the VT Healthcare Marketplace here.

What are the snow conditions?

You can find snow conditions by resort here.

What is the VT Rail Trail?

For information about the local Rail Trail, and other trails and paths, visit this site.

Where are the famous Farmers Markets?

You can find info on the VT farmers markets here.

Where are the Lakes and Ponds in the area?

For Lakes and Ponds that can be used for boating, fishing, and swimming, check out this site.

Where are the local State and National Parks?

For State Parks, visit the VT State Parks site.

For National Parks, visit their site.

Do I need to test for Radon?

The Vermont Health Department has information about Radon, which you can access here.

Should I worry about lead and asbestos?

The Vermont Health department has extensive information about Lead and Asbestos on their site.

What about Vermont property taxes?

To understand Vermont property taxes, visit the VT tax department here.

What does it mean to be “Living Green”?

The VT Health department guide on “Living Green” can be found here¬†(PDF download)

Where can I find information about Drinking Water Quality?

You can find information about drinking water quality at the Vermont Health Department.

Where can I find information about Septic Systems?

Information about septic systems can be found here. There may be additional requirements on a town by town basis.

Where can I find information about Utilities?

Information about utilities, Electric, Natural gas, Propane, Telco, Cable, etc.) can be found here.


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