What should I do to to get my house ready to sell in order to have it sell as quick as possible for the highest price?

Good question. We live (and breathe) Real Estate. We hear from Buyers continually about what they are looking for in a home and what turns them off, or stops them from making an offer on a home that could be right for them. When we meet with you to discuss selling your home, we will go through your property with you and make recommendations to help ensure your house is in the best position to attract as many ready buyers as possible.

It starts with having your house clean, shiny, polished and very neat. And, sellers that choose to make updates/improvements and fix the little issues will see their homes sell faster and at a higher sales price. However, keep in mind, not everything you should do to prepare your home to sell will cost money. We’ll make recommendations on the things you SHOULD do and the things that would be GOOD to do in order to make sure your home is ready for its Buyer when they see it.

So, talk to your REALTOR on how to “Eliminate the Eliminators” that lead a Buyer to say “No, thanks” to your house.