The Mullet House

A while back we were asked to list a very unique property. It was a gorgeous property, perfect for a family and for entertaining… except, it was located on a busy street in a sizable town. We brainstormed on how to best market the property. The result we now had “The Mullet House” — business in the front and party in the back. We ran it by the buyer, who approved it, and so began the marketing of  “The Mullet House.”

What originally looked like a tough sell, became a fun experience. People flocked to the house, simply because they were curious about what in the world they would find at a “Mullet House”!

And guess what, we sold the property in less time than we had ever anticipated, and with multiple offers.

That’s Blue Spruce Realty — thinking out of the box, having fun and delivering the results.

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