image of a basement

This is an awesome basement.

Said one observant buyer, in March, 2019. That buyer, Peter, had seen an epic ton of homes toward their goal of buying an older home with character, and space. And on that day, he concluded that basement was just that good

The basement is home to major HVAC systems. And empty space.

Buyers can tolerate a dark, spider-webbed, dirt-floor basement in an older home. They just plan to avoid going down there at all, unless something goes wrong. They can do it. But, Buyers, being human, tend to collect things. And those things need storage space. Basement storage. If you are selling, and your home has a basement, don’t overlook this potential storage largesse. 

People need storage like Vermonters need snow tires.

In this case, that basement had been completely improved; with new tall, poured cement walls, an extra-high ceiling, brightly lit, a walk-out entrance to access firewood, clean, dry and insulated. The water heater and wood stove had plenty of elbow room. The electric panel was modern and easy to access. The stairs were wide. And, there were large, wide shelves for all kinds of gear and provisions.

If you are thinking of selling, consider how you can make your basement more like awesome. Add lighting fixtures, or switch out to higher lumen/lower watt LED flood lights. Oust those cobwebs. Dust off the furnace, oil tank, water heater, etc. Replace the water filter. Remove useless objects. Recycle that old paint! Build basic shelving now, and store all your personal items and knickknacks from upstairs there, during showings.  

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