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Franklin and Lamoille County Vermonters were probably not fully appreciating their home insulation, until the Ice Age last week. Now, they know if it’s really good enough. And, as Realtors in the area, we know that houses with deliberate insulation efforts sell better than those that don’t have it.

Modern Insulation

Modern insulation was kickstarted in 1932, when Ohio researcher Dale Kleist accidentally invented fiberglass in his lab. Before then, history and renovations show that our ancestors relied on newspaper, wool scraps, horsehair and asbestos. Or, nothing at all. Thanks to Mr. Kleist, Vermonters can keep heat in rooms that they want to be heated. Grateful Americans voted Kleist into the Inventors Hall of Fame.

Now, modern home insulation materials include Kleist’s fiberglass batting, spray foam, blown-in loose fill, rigid panels, and rock wool insulation. Some cost more. Some are easy to DIY. Some require a pro. All can work in older homes, somewhere.

Smart Seller Improvements

In addition to home insulation, Vermonters can replace old windows. Keep your receipts, if you plan to sell your home later. New windows are obvious improvements.  If you are a buyer, be sure to ask your Realtor to help you assess properties for insulation during showings, and for your later Inspection. For more things to expect from your Realtor, visit our FAQ.

And, of course, Vermonters know to invest in LED bulbs and turn down the water heater temperature. Also, schedule a tune-up of your furnace. Oh, and replace that one-trick thermostat with a programmable one. 

Finally, caulking and sealing close off heat escape routes. Seal around plumbing lines, lighting, windows, and electric wires. Then seal up gaps in crawlspaces and your attic, too.

Want more details on how to get your house ready to sell? Contact us. Want more info on home insulation and more? Vermont has an energy hub at

Source: HouseLogic

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