You may take for granted that the water coming out of a faucet is healthy. Vermont regulations require it–potable water– from sellers. Lenders may require more. Yet, country properties in our area usually still have a private well…not public water. What is there to provide you confidence that the water is good? As it turns out, plenty.

Water History Had Some Pipes

Archeologists have found ancient wells and water pipes dating back before 7000 B.C. The Ancient Greeks wrote many opinions on healthy water, and used filters and boiling to improve it. Modern public water quality treatment was kick-started when Netherlander Anton van Leeuwenhoek discovered bacteria with his self-made microscope in 1675.  

In Vermont’s history, country properties were too far from the few towns with public systems. So, they often relied upon a Spring. But, those often would dry up during a long drought. Early wells were dug by hand, with only a bucket to move water to the surface. The first mechanically drilled well happened in 1808. Modern rotary drilling began one hundred years later, in 1908. This helped Vermonters with country properties enjoy reliable water.

Now, most private wells in our area are modern drilled wells, many several hundred feet deep. No more buckets! These wells pull up water with electric pumps, use holding tanks to reduce pump demands, and gauges to monitor pressure. Some systems include grit pre-filters, softeners, and UV light systems. Softeners may combine low-maintenance smart-sensors, self-cleaning and alarms. Public documents offer important information about wells, and lab testing ensures that the water is healthy, to modern standards.

Smart Buyers Trust and Verify

If you are a buyer, ask your Realtor to help you identify critical information about the water supply (and septic) for every property you consider. Many listings often fail to include this VT-mandated information. For more things to expect from your Realtor, visit our FAQ.

For information on testing your water, visit Vermont’s page here.

Source: VT Dept. of Health and Wikipedia

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